About Fly2Work
Fly2Work was designed from the ground up specifically to address the issue faced by customers around managing travellers to and from worksites, typically where the form of transport and accommodation can’t be booked through one central system.
Fly2Work is an inventory distribution platform with the option for travellers and coordinators to easily make and change bookings online.
With proven success in consolidating processes and removing manual intervention, Fly2Work can be used by customers to take control of their site travel requirements, or for suppliers to utilise the system as an inexpensive option for their charter and accommodation booking requirements.
Our program can be used independently for site travel or we can work in partnership with your travel management company (TMC) to provide a totally comprehensive solution.
Tailored for the customer with options to integrate with internal or supplier systems, Fly2Work offers a solution for everyone that can dramatically reduce costs and ultimately bring back control over your site travel requirements.
As part of the IONYX Group of Companies, we also offer a range of other solutions: a Journey Management system which is a driving risk assessment and mobile tracking system; an online procurement platform and digital forms package.
Take a closer look at Fly2Work in four easy steps
Admin & Reporting
  • Online bookings from any internet enabled device
  • Search and select any loaded air charter, ground charter, self-drive or site accommodation
  • Travel coordinator can search and book for any traveller
  • Company and suppliers can manage loaded services
  • Live itinerary has google map links
  • Detailed approval request that can be approved from within email
  • Approver dasboard provides overview of pending requests
  • Reporting available on all approvals
  • Features can be switched on/off depending on customer requirements
  • Quick changes to bookings through itinerary link in calendar
  • Track, message and alert travellers using built in SMS/Email function
  • Live online check-in for suppliers
  • Capture No Show & Go Show details
  • Dashboard shows booking volumes, quick links to daily manifests
  • Load and manage all supplier services & accommodation
  • Manage and configure system and company data requirements
  • Dashboard reporting that can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Easily run historical or future traveller and supplier data
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Features and benefits
A simple, easy to use 'Site Travel Management' tool that reduces costs, processes and risks associated with transporting workforces to site.
Simple booking process

Simple to use online platform accessible from any smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC for staff and/or coordinators to book all site travel requirements including air charter, coach charter, self-drive and site accommodation

Duty of care

With access to live manifests for all suppliers in one system, which includes built-in SMS/Email capabilities, you can keep track and provide alerts and updates to travellers

Fast implementation

SaaS platform that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Simple profile, company and data set-up, booking process, approval process and management of suppliers’ services

Data rich reporting

Dashboard live reporting and access to historic and future traveller & supplier data, including No Show & Go Show details. Companies use the detailed reporting for allocating charges to cost centres and contractors as required.

Efficiency & control

One site to manage the entire end-to-end process associated with site travel requirements. Management have complete oversight and control of all the processes and communications.

Reduced processes saving time and costs

Simple booking process, easy approval process, access to live manifests and rich data through a single platform consolidates all processes inventory means reduced training requirements

Train your staff in 10 minutes

The easy to use system allows for quick training for all user types including traveller, travel coordinator and approver. Quick links to guides available through your Fly2Work portal

Cost effective for any project

Suitable for any range of transport and accommodation, with profile based pricing options, Fly2Work is fast to implement and quick to train staff.


Flexible SaaS platform allows for a wide range of integration options. Whether it’s a direct HR feed for employee information or integration to suppliers systems.