Online Procurement Services (OPS)
OPS facilitates the procurement and payment of goods and services in the company or projects regions
In 2015 QMI forged a Joint Venture with IONYX to create Online Procurement Services. Online Procurement Services is a company established to provide an eProcurement System designed to maximise efficiencies and facilitate procurement and payment of a range of goods and services to improve sourcing and procurement processes for companies and projects.
Online Procurement Services supplies an online eProcurement system (OPS), servicing the tactical and strategic spend requirement of an organisation/project. The offering assists with tactical spend of an organisation becoming more streamlined and automated, offering a single point of release to the market place. The system is designed to manage a complete procure to pay process.
OPS provides the means to efficiently manage supplier relationships and facilitate the introduction of suppliers into the organisation’s supply chain. This leads to increasing responsiveness in the supply chain, which translates to the project being able to demonstrate transparency and engagement of local suppliers.
OPS facilitates registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services. Buyers will use the system to invite bids against specific EOI’s, RFQ’s and RFT’s.
OPS has many years experience with public portals and EOI process operating as Industry Capability Network (ICN), a group company of OPS under QMI Solutions.
The experience of connecting local businesses to major projects and expertise in the public EOI space, has been further expanded by purpose built portals for companies like Rio Tinto and Origin Energy who are currently using the OPS platform to register and verify suppliers, display EOI opportunities, manage responses from suppliers and send evaluation feedback and results to all participants.
The procurement function within OPS, delivers an end-to-end integrated procurement service that provides our clients with the products and services that they require to function efficiently.
We have a team of specialist staff with a wide range of experience in Mining, Oil & Gas, Technology and Procurement. This helps us to identify products, services and capabilities to assist our clients in the acquisition of goods and/or services to minimise imports and retain opportunities for local industry.
The OPS system is designed and purpose built, and is cloud based for ease of access and scalability offering flexibility and robust functionality.
Take a closer look at OPS in five easy steps
Supplier On-Boarding
Supplier Pre-Qualification & Validation
Supplier Relationship Management
Procure-2-Pay & Sourcing Management
Statistical Data Reporting
  • On boarding of suppliers onto OPS merely requires an email address to send out an invitation to register through your own branded portal.
  • Suppliers are taken through an easy to use registration wizard. Once complete suppliers will then be requested to complete an online pre-qualification questionnaire.
  • OPS allows for multiple pre-qualification templates, to suit various category requirements e.g. goods and services.
  • Supplier registration and verification is configured to capture only supplier profile details relevant to your company.
  • Supplier information includes; Company validation check, Business and contact details, Organisation structure, Categories of supply/services, Products and services offered.
  • Documentation on capability, insurances, licences and statutory declaration.
  • Easily release EOI, RFT, RFQ to your supplier base via a dedicated and branded portal.
  • OPS can provide an optional consultancy service to assist project proponent and/or contractors.
  • Our consultants work with the project to shortlist capable suppliers against the detailed scopes of work.
  • OPS is a full P2P system which facilitates procurement and payment of a range of goods and services, in the company or projects regions.
  • OPS methodology is based on procurement best practice, and is designed to facilitate the procure-to-pay process management of a range of goods and services for day to day transactional spend.
  • Reports are derived through various elements of data within the system, including Supplier Spend and Category Spend.
  • Reporting drives improvement, allowing for decision making based on key parameters for lead and lag indicators.
  • Local Government Authority (LGA) heat map to demonstrate local spend geographically through LGA postcode.
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Other focus areas
Available On Any Device

Simple to use online platform accessible from any smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC for staff and suppliers to engage with and manage the full procure 2 pay process

Notifications & Alerts

Email notifications and alerts at each stage gate to relevant recipients in the project team, based on delegations which are set up through the OPS on-boarding team.

Modular Design

OPS is a modular design, which means it can be tailored to suit the needs of the client. We have simple but robust procedures, tailored cloud based and mobility compatible systems supported by thorough on-boarding standards.

Data rich reporting

OPS provides inbuilt charts for reports frequently used in the procurement process. In addition to inbuilt charts, the system provides the ability to download all major statistical information in CSV/Excel file. This information can then be used to create tailored reports as needed

Efficiency & Control

Empower users for low cost spend procurement, freeing up your procurement team to focus on strategic sourcing.

Reduced processes saving time and costs

OPS is designed to maximise efficiencies to improve the sourcing and procurement processes for our clients and their suppliers.

Train users in 10 minutes

The easy to use system allows for quick training for all user types. OPS has a reliable and proven supplier self-service module, which has received positive endorsements in terms of its usability and intuitive design from its thousands of current supplier users.

Cost effective for any project size

OPS is suitable for any size project, essentially reducing costs through market testing, and effective aggregation.


OPS is a flexible SaaS platform that allows for a wide range of integration options. Whether it’s a direct feed with an ERP or integration to suppliers systems.