Origin Energy Case Study – OPS

Key problems and the need

The Australia Pacific LNG Project is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) joint venture partnership between Origin (37.5%), ConocoPhillips (37.5%) and Sinopec (25%). The Project includes the extraction of coal seam gas in the Bowen and Surat Basins, a 522km gas transmission pipeline and an LNG Facility on Curtis Island near Gladstone.

Origin is responsible for the upstream component of the Project which comprises of drilling; gathering; gas and water facilities; electrification and water treatment. ConocoPhillips is responsible for the downstream component of the Project which involves the construction and operation of the LNG facility.

Origin Energy / APLNG has a procurement requirement for a significant number of smaller sized goods and services, covering construction, operations and land owner agreements. All of which will be an ongoing requirement as the project transitions into the operations and maintenance phase. Origin Energy wishes to provide a facility that specifically targets smaller companies based in regions where Origin Energy operates, initially the Western Downs and Maranoa regions.

The understood intention is to have a facility which utilises existing company profiles, where available and simplifying the task of engaging and contracting regional suppliers. The solution will offer an improved level of service to these suppliers in terms of transparency of opportunities and improved payment terms.

Solution requirement

In May 2016, Origin Energy sought a solution to enhance their Regional Buy Program capability in the APLNG operations of Queensland’s Western Darling Downs and Maranoa regions.  The company required a practical solution for their need to provide a Regional Buy procurement system that would engage with local businesses as key suppliers for their regional operations.

The company sought a stand-alone facility, utilising existing supplier profiles where available, simplifying the task of engaging and contracting additional regional suppliers, and offering a high standard of service to these suppliers in terms of ease of use, transparency of opportunities and improved payment terms.

Solution provided

Detailed exploration of the Client requirements and an assessment of user needs, and expectations, led the OPS team to develop a unique, custom-built solution for the Origin Regional Buy Portal.

The design team worked to create a lean yet efficient system that provided the full functionality required by both the client and supplier – being fully functioned, yet light touch and intuitive to use, even for non-digital-experienced users.

Success of the implementation

  • 350 internal Origin users
  • 200+ registered suppliers
  • 150+ RFQ’s
  • 50 Categories

The volume of internal users, suppliers registered and RFQs published using the portal is a key indicator of success of the program and solution provided by Online Procurement Services.